Consultation Meeting Enrolment Forms

The draft update of the flood risk management plans is subject to 6-month public consultations. They are announced by the Minister of Infrastructure. The consultations are open, which means anyone can take part in them and submit remarks and proposals. They are carried out pursuant to the provisions of the Act of 3 October 2008 on providing information on the environment and its protection, public participation in the environment protection and on environmental impact assessments (Journal of Laws 2020, item 283, as amended).


Public consultations of the draft uFRMP
shall be held from 22 December 2020 to 22 September 2021.

The meetings planned in February, March and April 2021 shall be carried out online (see the details below).

The enrolment forms will be made available 3 weeks before the meeting.

Due to the current restrictions related to the epidemic and the unknown time of lifting the restrictions, we have prepared meetings for you in one of two formulas. We will inform you about the meeting formula 4 weeks before the meeting. The meeting can be organized according to one of the following formulas:


Face-to-face meetings – organised if the restrictions are released in whole or when it is possible to hold a meeting for more than 100 participants. We will inform you about the meeting venues at

Online meetings – in a situation where the restrictions currently in force are maintained (meetings limited to 5 people). The meetings will be organized on a dedicated Webex platform, to which you will have access without logging in and will be possible throughout the duration of the meeting. Participants of meetings in this formula will receive in advance an e-mail with a link to the online meeting to the e-mail address provided during registration. One link can only be used for one computer station / mobile device.


Participation in consultation meetings is free, regardless of their form. With respect to the online meetings, the Organiser shall not be held liable for any technical communication-related problems caused by individual settings of devices, software and quality of the Internet connection of the meeting participants. We recommend using a broadband connection and Chrome browser and getting acquainted with Webex platform in advance to test its operation and facilitate navigating through it.

We would like to inform, that the meetings will be recorded.

Should you have any questions concerning enrolment, contact the contractor, Wide Vision Agencja Komunikacji:
e- mail:
tel.: +48 881 708 988

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