Public consultations of draft uFRMP

Public consultations of updated flood risk management plans start on 22 December 2020 and last until 22 September 2021. The consultation meetings will be held in 28 cities and towns in Poland. Their essence is the conversion of general methodology-related assumptions and conclusions drawn from analytical works carried out to specific actions protecting residents, economy, environment and cultural heritage in areas of particular river basins. The venues and dates of meetings are presented in the map below:

Due to the restrictions connected with SARS-CoV-2 pandemics and the unknown date of their release, we have prepared an alternative meeting formula.

Face-to-face meetings – organised if the restrictions are released in whole or when it is possible to hold a meeting for more than 100 participants. We will inform you about the meeting venues at

Online meetings – if the current restrictions are maintained (meeting limited to 5 people). The meetings will be organised on a dedicated platform, called Webex, which you will be able to access with no need to log in throughout the whole meeting duration.

We will notify you of the selected meeting formula 4 weeks before its planned date. The meeting enrolment forms will be available 3 weeks before each meeting.

Submitting remarks and proposals

A key component of the public participation in FRMP update is the ability to submit remarks and proposals concerning it. According to the provisions of the Act on providing information on the environment and its protection, public participation in the environment protection and on environmental impact assessments (Journal of Laws 2020, item 283, as amended), they can be submitted in different formats, including, but not limited to, in writing.

A dedicated form used for submitting remarks and proposals is available at in two versions, i.e.:

a printable form (.doc, .pdf) to download

a form to be filled in online

To facilitate the form use, we shared document fill-in instructions

By 22 June 2021, remarks and proposals concerning draft uFRMP can be submitted:

  1. By sending information to the e-mail address:;
  2. In writing in the venue where the documents are available: Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie, Krajowy Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej, ul. Żelazna 59A, 00-848 Warsaw;
  3. In writing to the postal address: Ministry of Infrastructure, ul. Chałubińskiego 4/6, 00-928 Warsaw;
  4. Orally for the record in the seat of the Ministry of Infrastructure (ul. Nowy Świat 6/12, 00-400 Warsaw, 3rd floor, room 308 – Department of Marine Economy and Inland Navigation).

All the remarks and proposals concerning draft uFRMP will be investigated by the Minister of Infrastructure.

The draft flood risk management plans are available HERE.

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