Animation about the project and social consultations

The State Water Holding Polish Waters started public consultations on the update of flood risk management plans announced by the Minister of Infrastructure. The series of 28 debates is devoted to the analysis of 381 measures to improve safety in the areas most at risk of flooding. This is the most important stage of the uFRMP project implemented by the Polish Waters.



Animation about the project and social consultations

As part of the information campaign on the uFRMP project and the accompanying public consultations, an animation was created, which is also a short instruction on how to submit comments and proposals for projects.

Film with experts

We also invite you to watch the film in which experts introduce us to the flood, which – next to drought – is the greatest threat related to climate warming. The challenge is to manage flood risk in such a way as to provide the best possible protection to the inhabitants of the threatened areas, the economy, the environment and the cultural heritage. This is achieved by flood risk management plans updated in 6-year cycles. The Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Woda Polskie is currently implementing the second planning cycle of flood risk management, under which on December 22, 2020, public consultations will begin, lasting 6 months.

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