Final of the consultation process of the uFRMP project

The process of considering comments and applications submitted as part of public consultations on the draft update of the flood risk management plan (uFRMP) for the Vistula, Odra and Pregoła river basin districts and draft flood risk management plan for the Elbe, Neman and Danube basin (FRMP). The public consultation was conducted over a nine-month period from December 22, 2020 to September 22, 2021.

Everyone could take part in them and submit applications and comments to draft documents. 31 consultation meetings were held throughout the country. Pursuant to the statutory delegation, public consultations on uFRMP / FRMP projects were announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure. The report on public consultations on uFRMP / FRMP projects, along with the status of considering comments and conclusions, can be found on the website:

The formal culmination of the works will be the adoption of uFRMP / FRMP by ordinances of the minister responsible for water management, planned for the second half of 2022.

The FRMP is, next to the water management plans and the drought counteracting plan, a strategic planning document for water management in Poland. The purpose of flood risk management plans is to reduce the potential negative effects of floods on human life and health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activity, through the implementation of selected measures to minimize the identified threats. These actions must also lead to the reduction of flood losses.

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