Stop Flooding. Consultation meeting of FRMP update projects in Nowy Sącz

Nowy Sącz is the next meeting place, after Kraków, for the public consultation on the draft updated flood risk management plans (uFRMP). In the five problem areas discussed here on 10 February (catchments: Soła, Skawa, Upper and Lower Dunajec as well as the Biała Tarnowska Valley), a total of nearly 200 different measures are to be implemented. This was the second opportunity to discuss flood protection in the Upper West Vistula Water Region.


The Nowy Sącz Catchment Board consists of seven water boards: in Grybów, Limanowa, Muszyna, Nowy Targ, Nowy Sącz, Zakopane, and Tarnów. Typical local technical measures (construction, extension, repair, and improvement of hydrotechnical facilities) dominate in the draft update of FRMPs for this area, however, it should be remembered that similarly to other mountain and foothill areas, this reduces the flood risk in areas downstream of larger rivers. – Good identification of local conditions and expectations is one of our priorities. This is particularly important when planning protective measures for inhabitants of mountain and upland areas who live their daily lives in the shadow of a flood risk. At the same time, we listen carefully to the voice of environmentalists and we try to interfere as little as possible with nature. It is not uncommon for us to even increase biodiversity in investment areas, said Małgorzata Bogucka-Szymalska, Deputy Director of the Department of Water Management and Inland Navigation at the Ministry of Infrastructure.


First of all, Biała Tarnowska


The activities of ZZ Nowy Sącz have for years been concentrated mainly around the river basin, which is just over 100 km long (basin area: 983.3 km²) of the Biała Tarnowska River. This right tributary of the Dunajec River, flowing north and north-east, requires permanent measures to improve the safety of residents in areas at risk of flooding. In the current planning cycle of the FRMPs, the drafts of which are currently being consulted, it is on this river that 90 measures are planned for almost PLN 250 million. This figure primarily includes the construction of the right and left river embankments in Tarnów (for over PLN 9.3 million and over PLN 11.1 million respectively) and the extension of the left and right river embankments in the town of Tuchów (PLN 8 million). In turn, PLN 7 million will be spent on the implementation of a system for monitoring and system control of hydrotechnical facilities located in the Upper-West Vistula water region, which is being implemented, among others, by ZZ Nowy Sącz.


Environmental concerns are also at the centre


At present, apart from maintenance work, a pro-environmental project is being carried out, entitled “Restoration of ecological continuity and implementation of activities improving the functioning of the Biała Tarnowska river free migration corridor” These actions aim to remove or upgrade existing migration barriers and to renaturalise parts of the riverbed. Fish need access to a rocky or gravelly substrate in order to grow and live. Riverbeds with such substrate are found in the upper part of the catchment, but access to them has been blocked by numerous dams and water steps located along the river course. The removal of barriers creates favourable living conditions and allows free movement of fish. The activities increase the biodiversity of the river valley by restoring habitats, the abundance of native plant and animal species and have an indirect effect on increasing flood safety for residents.


Concern for the condition of local streams and creeks


Definitely of more local importance, but very important for the safety of local residents, are activities such as the ongoing task to build up the Młyniska creek bed in the very centre of Zakopane, or the ongoing task to repair flood damage to the Dąbrówka creek in Nowy Sącz.


Full lists, including problem areas and variously structured lists of planned measures with details can be found at

under “uFRMP projects for river basin areas.”


Together, let’s say Stop Flooding


The drafts of the updated FRMPs are subject to public consultations from 22 December 2020 to 22 June 2021. Already on 16 and 17 February in Gliwice and Pszczyna, and on 9 and 10 March debates will be held in Gorzów Wlkp. and Poznań. Consultation meetings will conclude on 26 and 27 May in Elbląg and Słupsk. Registration begins approximately 3 weeks before a specific meeting at Consultations in February and March, due to the epidemic situation, are held online. If the restrictions are lifted, the meetings will resume in their traditional format. We will keep you informed about all changes in the news at

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